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Only One

by Lisa Trevino


Whenever you feel

you need to be "on" for someone,

to rescue them,

impress them, etc...

realize this One Truth:


There IS No Body Else!


What you do unto another,

you do unto yourself.


There is only One.


Lesson 3 of A Course in Miracles

"I Do Not Understand Anything I See ..."

re-written by Lisa Trevino

in rhythmic poetry guided by Spirit



As I look around again today

I apply the idea in the same way


I do not understand anything I see

Including everything that is around me


Everything equally applied and stated

Simply done, not complicated


I might feel shame, fear, guilt, pride

I try to lay such feelings aside


Releasing associations, so I can see

things exactly as they appear to be


How little I understand, I can realize

when I am willing to let open my eyes


Not this house, this desk, even this book

I apply this idea to wherever I look


Unhampered by judgment, it's perfectly clear


I do not understand anything I see here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Are We Different or The Same? by Lisa Trevino


My Case Is Different?

The Laws of Chaos!

 (12 Steps and A Course in Miracles)



Laws of Chaos, pg 489 in A Course in Miracles

Step 3, AA


This talk goes reviews:

laws of chaos

my case is different - AA

focus on similarities

principles before personalities

prisons and institutions

spiritual awakenings


with audience participation - 48 min. talk 





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